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Bell Schedule

Morning Creek Elementary School Bell Schedule 2023-2024

School Hours
Grades 1-5   
M, Tu, W, Fri 
7:45 am-2:05 pm
7:45 am-12:25 pm
Kinder Intro Days*
*(Aug 16 - Sep 22)
M-F 7:45-12:00 pm
Kindergarten (Sep 25 same as 1-5 grades)
M, T, W, F
7:45-2:05 pm
7:45-12:25 pm
(TK) Transitional Kindergarten M-F 7:45-12:00 pm
Preschool M-F 8:15-11:45 am
Minimum Day Schedule   7:45-11:45 pm
Breakfast M-F 7:15-7:40 am
Gates/ Playground Open M-F 7:15 am
School Starts* M-F 7:40 am
*Students must be inside the front gate by 7:40 am
Instruction Begins M-F 7:45 am
Regular Days Schedule M,T,W, F Thursday
TK    9:30-10:00 am 9:30-10:00 am
Kinder Intro days
*(Aug 16 - Sep 22)
9:15-9:30 am
9:15-9:30 am
Kindergarten (after 9/25)
9:00-9:30 am
9:00-9:30 am
1st Grade 9:45-10:00 am 9:45-10:00 am
2nd Grade   9:30-9:45 am 9:30-9:45 am
3rd Grade  10:00-10:15 am 10:00-10:15 am
4th Grade  10:15-10:30 am 10:15-10:30 am
5th Grade 10:15-10:30 am 10:15-10:30 am
Lunch/Recess M,T,W,F Thursday
eat 10:50-11:10am
play 11:10-11:30am
eat 10:45-11:05am
play 11:05-11:25am
eat 10:50-11:10am
play 11:10-11:30am
eat 10:45-11:05am
play 11:05-11:25am
1st Grade
eat 11:15-11:35am
play 11:35-11:55am
eat 10:50-11:10am
play 11:10-11:30am
2nd Grade 
eat 11:25-11:45pm
play 11:45-12:05pm
eat 11:05-11:25pm
play 11:25-11:45pm
3rd Grade 
eat 11:50-12:10pm
play 12:10-12:30pm
eat 11:15-11:35pm
play 11:35-11:55pm
4th Grade
eat 12:15-12:35pm
play 12:35-12:55pm
eat 11:40-12:00pm
play 12:00-12:20pm
5th Grade
eat 12:00-12:20pm
play 12:20-12:40pm
eat 11:40-12:00pm
play 12:00-12:20pm
Minimum Day Schedule

Pro Gro and Parent/Teacher Conference Week Schedule
 Professional Growth Half-days, dismiss at 11:45  
Conference Week: November 13-17: Monday, no school for conferences.
Tue, Wed, Fri dismiss at 11:45, Th dismiss at 12:25 (typical Thursday time banking day)
Last day of school 6/6 dismiss at 12:25

Minimum Day Dismissal M,T,W,F 11:45 pm Dismissal (K-5)
  Recess  Play/Eat
Transitional Kindergarten (TK) 8:45-9:00 am
play 9:45-10:00 am
eat 10:05-10:20
Kindergarten 8:45-9:00 am
play 9:45-10:00
eat 10:05-10:20
1st Grade 9:45-10:00 am
play 10:05-10:20
eat 10:20-10:40
2nd Grade 9:30-9:45 am
play 10:05-10:20
eat 10:20-10:40
3rd Grade 10:00-10:15 am
play 10:30-10:45
eat 10:45-11:05
4th Grade 10:15-10:30 am
play 10:30-10:45
eat 10:45-11:05
5th Grade 10:15-10:30 am
play 11:05-11:20
eat 11:20-11:40

NOTE:  Students may not remain after school unless enrolled in ESS or enrichment classes. Students arriving to class after 8:45 a.m. M-F are tardy and must sign in at the front office. Professional Growth Days (No Student Attendance) will take place on September 18, 2023 & January 29, 2024

ESS is available 6:30 am - 6:00 pm. See ESS in main menu for more information.