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Safety Patrol

About School Safety Patrol:

Our Morning Creek School Safety Patrol program offers a leadership opportunity for students as they help to ensure student safety during arrival and dismissal times.  SSP students are current 5th grade students who work closely with the SDPD and our teacher advisor, Mrs. Brown. Students meet with our assigned San Diego Police Department officer every week to review procedures and practices.  These students are trained by the San Diego Police Department to enforce safe crossing to and from school.

How to sign-up:

In the spring of each year, our current 4th grade students are invited to apply to join Safety Patrol.  The application process gives students a chance to describe why they'd be a good candidate for Safety Patrol. Their 4th grade teachers fill out a recommendation form based on classroom and school behavior, academics, and attendance. An in-person interview may also be conducted.

Our School Safety Patrol supervising teacher and school resource officer select the top 30-35 candidates. This year we are proud to support the leadership of 35 SSP squad members.

School Safety Patrol duty times (approximate)

Mon.,Tues, Wed., and Fri: 7:15-7:55 am and 1:55- 2:25 pm

Thurs: 7:15-7:55 and 12:10-12:55 pm