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Calendar Instructions

Google Calendar

The Morning Creek calendar is a public Google Calendar and can be added to your own Google account and your iGoogle homepage. Google Calendar is a great tool for busy families. With your own Google Calendar account, you can create your own calendars and keep your events private while seeing the public MCES events on the same page.
  • If you don't have a Google account, you can sign up for free at by clicking Create an Account.
  • If you already have a Google (Gmail, iGoogle, or any other Google service that requires login) account, you can easily sign up for Google Calendar. Go to and log in with your Google username and password.
  • To add our MCES and PUSD District calendars so they show up in your own Google account, log in to your Google Calendar account, click the Add button below the Other Calendars box in the left hand pane, choose Add By URL, and paste the following URLs in the box and click Add.
PUSD District Google Calendar:
Morning Creek Calendar:

iCal Users

You can merge the MCES Google calendar with my iCal calendar! Directions can be found in this YouTube video:
If you find that iCal then wants to open two calendars, you'll need to go into Calendar --> Preferences, click on 'Google' and then click on 'Delegation'. Check the 'MCES Calendar' box, and voila! Everything on one calendar! And it gets updated automatically when change are made to the school calendar!

iGoogle Homepage

If you'd like to use Google as your homepage, you can customize it with a feature called iGoogle, and see calendar events on your homepage. Look below for instructions.
  • Go to and sign in (or Create an account now if you didn't already create an account as described above.)
  • If you haven't set up an iGoogle hompage, you'll probably be at the "Classic Home" and see the Google logo and search bar. Look at the upper right for a link that says "iGoogle" and click it.
  • This is your customizable iGoogle homepage! Click Add stuff on the right.
  • In the Search for gadgets box, enter "Google calendar".
  • Google Calendar, The Official Google Calendar Gadget should be at the top of the list for Calendars.
  • Click the Add it now button for the gadget you want, and then click Back to iGoogle home in the upper left. Your calendar is on your page, and if you've already added the dces public calendars, you should see all of our upcoming events.
  • To make this the page that loads every time you open your browser, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools->Internet Options and click Use Current under Home Page. In Firefox, it's Tools->Options, choose Show my home page from the drop down menu and click Use Current Page.