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Student Council

What Is the Student Council and What Do They Do?

The Student Council is comprised of elected officers and classroom representatives. They plan and organize student events such as dress-up days, special events, and community projects.  We are always looking for ways to help the community and others. Below are items Student Council has purchased for the school with money earned:
  • Marquis in front of school/ joint effort with PTA
  • Table and shade on playground/ joint with PTA
  • P.E./ playground equipment $1000.00 worth
  • Games for rainy day recess
  • $4000.00 sound system  (used at Friday Flags, school events)
  • Printer for the computer lab
  • Donations to grade levels to help off set budget cuts
  • Software for the computer lab

Student council also raises money for charity. Student Council fundsdonated $1000 to "Hats on for Cancer," a charity that helps children with cancer. $750 was raised from MCES families and the rest was donated by Student Council.