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Morning Creek Attendance Guidelines

Attendance Hotline is 858-748-1396

Attendance Email is [email protected]
Did you know that if every child in PUSD attends school for just one more day during the year, funding for the school district would increase by $1 million?

Miss School, Miss Out

Student daily attendance is very important at Morning Creek and ensures optimum learning opportunities.  Please schedule medical and dental appointments for your children at the end of the school day; plan vacations during non-school days only; and make sure your children go to school every day unless they are ill.

California determines the amount of income each school district receives based on a formula that includes the average number of students who attend school during the year; therefore, high attendance rates make a real difference.  It is important to note that the rules of attendance calculations have changed from years ago. There are no longer any “excused absences” as far as funding from the state is concerned. The only way a student can be considered not absent is to be physically at school on a given day.

OCIS Contracts-

If your child will be out for between three and 14 consecutive school days, please give the office at least ten School Days (teachers need this time to prepare work) notice of the absence.  You wil sign the contract  for your child's work during the absence period in order for the school to receive their ADA funding. Student that will be out 14-19 days may still request a contract. The contract will cover the first 14 days and days 14-19 with be excused. Requests for absences longer than 20 days will be referred to the Poway Home School Program.