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Safety Reminders

Safety at Morning Creek

Traffic Flow

Slow DownThroughout the day it is important that our children be safe. This is no different during morning drop off and afternoon pick up time. I would like to thank all of you in advance for your support and cooperation. Safety is indeed an important consideration for all of us here at Morning Creek.
The parking lot will be closed between 2:50-3:05 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 1:10-1:25 p.m. on Thursday.  Please park off campus and walk in during these times. This is a nice opportunity to see what's happening on our campus. The parking lot is closed so that we can have a continual flow of cars in the traffic circle.
In the morning we are asking for parents to drop off their children in the traffic loop that is supervised by both staff and parents. In order for traffic to move smoothly, continue to move as far as possible before stopping to drop your child where adults will assist your child out of the car. Please have your child sit on the right side of the car with their material ready to go. For all 5th grade students on their band day, please have their instrument in the car with the student. Traffic must move in a single lane in order to flow smoothly. Most importantly, please be patient.
In the afternoon, we instituted the same situation as in the morning, utilizing a pick up loop. Follow the flow of traffic in the parking lot. Cars must stay in a single lane. Be prepared to pick up your child at this driveway. Teachers will have the students in that area ready to go. Please do not get out of your car, as it impacts everyone else. This is not a good time for conversation. In order for traffic to move smoothly, continue to move as far forward as possible before stopping, and your child will be directed to your car. Most importantly, please be patient.

Cars/Car Pools

At arrival and dismissal times traffic is very congested at Morning Creek. Parents are encouraged to carpool whenever possible. Parents should drop off their children along the yellow curb only. Do not double park! Also, do not leave any cars unattended along the yellow or red curb or outside marked parking stalls. There is absolutely NO parking on the red curb. The safety of our children depends on your support during arrival and dismissal times.

Emergency Drills

Once a month students participate in a fire, duck and cover and/or lock down drill. Procedures and practices are taught to all students and reviewed regularly in order to ensure their safety should a disaster occur. Should it become necessary to release students from school, only the persons whose names are listed on the Disaster Release Form are allowed to take students. Please be sure your child's form is current.